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WaterBok: Fire-safety, Water & Food Security

Making a significant contribution to fire-safety on small and large farms, smallholdings and informal settlements, by empowering communities to secure their environment, food resources, livelihoods and lives.


Waterbok - Firecatcher


Waterbok - tickcatcher


Waterbok - weedcatcher


Wildfires destroy millions of hectares land, properties and infrastructure every year, costing countries millions of $, with loss of livelihoods and life. The solution lies in having the FireCatcher ‘imbedded’ within communities, so empowering such communities to quickly respond to a fire, while still small.

The FireCatcher has the added value of external parasite spray for livestock and weed spraying.

  • Up to 65 liter water capacity

  • Hands-free, mobile units

  • Rigid and mobile over rough terrain

  • Unique boat-shape design for effective deployment

  • Multiple usage and functionality

  • 10 Year guarantee on tank and wheels



HOW it works …

The FireCatcher conveys up to 65 litres of water and is belt-pulled for hands-free operation of the fire-fighting lance. The FireCatcher is boat shaped for pulling through rough terrain and can be deployed in areas or spaces not easily reachable by conventional fire-fighting units, such as through fences without having to cut all the fence strands.

  • User-friendly design with ease-of-maintenance

  • Frame can fold back/detach for convenient transport or storage

  • Hands-free, robust practical units

  • Function under extreme environmental conditions

  • Multipurpose: fire-safety, tick-catcher, weed and crop spraying and more

FireCatcher, the robust, all-terrain fire-fighting cart that's quick to deploy to wildfires that are still small. Prevent flare-ups after a wildfire or while burning fire-breaks.

Protect your property and lives from wildfires by embedding units within your property and the communities around you.